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Things To Consider When Looking For A Billing Service

Welcome to our Tips Section. We hope you find our suggestions helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


How does the information get transferred from your office to the billing office?

The transfer of information should be kept simple. Either by electronic transfer, courier, overnight mail or fax. We also offer remote access features to allow you to see your data, draw your own reports and to be able to utilize our patient schedulers.
How soon after receiving the information does the claim get processed?
Every service should be able to tell you this. At Karebilling we guarantee that your claims will be processed as soon as we have complete information from you the provider. Complete and organized information from you will expedite our billing and your payments, this is extremely important. Our first priority is to maintain a steady income stream in order for your practice to run smoothly. We take this very seriously!
Find out the fee structure of the service. Make sure you know exactly what services you will receive for what fee.
There are so many services that a billing center can provide to you that you need to decide what types of services will benefit you and at what cost. Our fee schedule is customized for your practice and the specific services you are interested in.
Patient Billing
Patient billing is another issue for consideration. Do you want the billing service to do this for you? If so, how are patient calls handled regarding their accounts?
Does our company offer any other value added services?
There are so many other tasks that can be taken care of for you by our service. Many things that take up your staff's valuable time such as, recalls, verifications, database marketing, procedure code reviews, report creation, credentialing, etc...
Does the billing service stay informed and updated on current regulations and policies?
Very important! One of the benefits of using our billing service is that we are the experts in billing. We can tell you how we stay abreast of the changing regulations, codes, etc.. This leaves you and your staff to focus on the clinical side of your practice, being assured that everything is being done properly!
Our billing service is an extension of your office
Open communication between your office and our billing center is a necessity! This way the process works like a well maintained machine keeping your reimbursements high and constant, avoiding any possible problems with patient coverage.
Always Ask and Get an Answer!
If you have any questions at all always ask and make sure you get an answer. After all it is your hard earned cash that is on the table.
Follow Up
Very Important! As you know one of the keys to keeping your reimbursement level up is follow up. We utilize a bi-monthly follow up schedule, waiting to follow up on a monthly basis allows too many claims and patient receivables to fall through the cracks leaving you with aging receivables and less money in your checking account.
Special Situations
There are always special situations that require more attention. We deal with these situations as efficiently as possible in order to get you reimbursed. They may require extra documentation, patient intervention, and extra phone and mail contact with carriers, we take this very seriously as this is part of our job. One way that we deal with carriers claiming that they have not received specific documentation in order to adjudicate a claim is to send documentation certified signature required. This often gets the claim paid without delay.


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