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Below is a listing of some our quality products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
Product Name & Description
Training and Consultation
Karebilling Services, Inc. provides training and consulting services for your office staff. Call us for your free consultation! Training fees to be determined individually.
Remote Access To Your Data
In addition to the many personalized services that Karebilling offers, we can provide your office with remote access to your database. This will allow you to check patient balances in order to collect... Remote access is a value added service, fee for this service will be determined on an individual basis, customized for your specific needs.
Procedure Code Review
Have you reviewed the codes you are currently using? There are so many new codes and deleted codes, that it gets time consuming to keep up with them. If you have been getting rejected claims due to old or deleted codes, give Karebilling Services a call and let us update your codes. Make sure that you are getting reimbursed to your fullest potential! Your staff has so much to do already, give them a break and reduce your rejections and resubmits! Call Karebilling now!
Our software features the Latest database technology, and utilizes the most recent version of Microsoft's Jet Technology shared data files for carriers, CPT, ICD9, zip codes and transaction codes.

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