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Getting Started with Karebilling Services, Inc.




At Karebilling we focus on making starting up easy for you and taking the burden of reimbursement off of you and your staff.

The first step is for you to contact Karebilling, at that point we will ask you a series of questions that we will use to evaluate your needs and goals. We will then create a proposal for you to evaluate.  

After an agreement has been reached Karebilling will create a personalized contract for your practice. Once that has been taken care of we will initiate paperwork to submit your claims electronically or by paper if needed. There will be a waiting time for any government payers to approve your electronic submissions; during that time your claims will be submitted on paper to protect your cash flow. Commercial claims can go out 2 days after we are set up with you. We will explain in detail what we need to do and what you need to do.

After that we offer several high tech ways of getting information back and forth to you in order to secure and expedite information exchange. Security and speed is of the utmost importance, Karebilling places the highest priority on this.

We value your business and welcome you to contact us by email phone or fax.


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